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The bands in this documentary are long overdue a platform to tell their stories. Some of it is wonderful to hear. Some of the stories are hard to hear. Mostly the music is brilliant. Bold. Brave. Raw. Polished. Pop. Rock. Indie. Soul.

It's the best record collection you are waiting to discover.

The game changers, the rule breakers, the iconoclasts, the ones who never compromised. 

There are some incredible things about Scottish girl bands that might surprise you, including John Peel sessions, world tours, Wembley Stadium appearances, the ‘handbag’ roadies, the concerts in prisons, the cult followings, opening for The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, a little guitar cameo from Jimmy Page, even more John Peel sessions.

There are also things that, sadly you won't be surprised to hear. A world of sexual assault, getting fired for becoming a parent, being told you’re too old, too fat, too short, too tall or “the problem with girl bands is that you all just get pregnant in the end...”

Throughout history, girls have been defending their right to be in the audience and on stage and it's time to rectify the often overlooked women who armed themselves with instruments and microphones and took to the stage before now. It's time to hear their stories and celebrate the vibrant heritage of women making music in Scotland.

Co-directed by musician Carla J. Easton (shortlisted for Scottish Album of the Year; member of all girl band TeenCanteen) and prominent Scottish director Blair Young; produced by producer/filmmaker Miranda Stern (one of Scottish Documentary Institute’s New Voices of 2020) and the award-winning production company The Forest of Black.

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